about china

Whether you are looking for ancient history, urban wonders, picturesque landscapes, or cultural experiences; more and more Teachers are turning their toes towards China. 

Chinese people love learning. It is embedded into their system, parents and family truly encourage their children to expand their knowledge and get a good education. The chinese public is also extremely friendly. Whether you are lost or just doing your daily shop, you will encounter more smiles than anywhere else.

While you teach your class you will also be encouraged to learn Chinese. Besides all of the picturesque beauty China holds there is so much to learn about culture and traditions. You will find yourself falling in love with the country, the culture, the language and the people.

benefits of working in china

  • Accomodation provided or allowance is provided.
  • Medical Aid is provided.
  • Visa Sponsorship.
  • We will assit you with all that’s needed for the Chinese Z (Work). Visa. legal Z visa.